Friday, August 5, 2011

Every End, Marks a New Beginning

   Today we had our last day of our summer camp.  For the last eight weeks we have been having fun teaching kids different educational classes using crafts and hands on activities.  There have been fun days and days I wanted to pull my hair out, but camp is now over.  Our last day was full of hours of games, picnic food, and water fun.  We had a fun day that left the teachers happy to have earned a break and many of the students sad that their fun camp was over. 
     I’m amazed at different emotions that have run through my mind tonight.  I’m ecstatic to have a week vacation.  I’m also a little sad, because I’ll miss the relaxed fun nature of camp.  I even feel a little anxious that I only have one more week before I get back to school and start another year.  I’ve reached a minor end in my life. 
      I’ve learned that as each part of our life ends the next chapter doesn’t wait to begin.    After a few days rest, I’ll throw my energy into a brand new school year full of many more experiences.  I’ll get back into my classroom and get the room reorganized.  My bulletin boards will come back to life with fresh paper, and I’ll have time to plan the lessons for a new class of students.  In addition to the parts that I am familiar with I’ll have new peers, curriculum, processes, students, and many other unforeseen changes.    
     In each of our lives we have parts that are ending and parts of our lives that are just beginning.   We often handle these changes without a second thought.  At other times it seems that we can’t handle any change.  As you look at your life are you stuck on something in the past that is causing you to lose joy in the present?  Are their potential changes in your future that are causing you so much stress that you are losing joy in the present?  This may be normal, but unless we can learn to live life to the fullest in the present then we will never overcome the past or be successful in the future. 

(In the comments below, let me know some of the things your doing to prepare for this new school year.)

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