Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teaching as a diet?

     Working as a teacher is like going on an instant diet.  Each day I wake up early in the morning.  Stumble around in the dark and get ready to get to school just as the sun is beginning to rise.  At this early hour the last thing I want is a big breakfast.
      At lunch I usually teach up till lunch time, take five minutes to walk the students to the lunch room, Then another five minutes are spent walk across the school to get my lunch and check my box.  I sit down and inhale whatever food I can in ten minutes and then make a phone call, check email, or prepare for the next email.  Then it’s back to the classroom until school ends. 
      I also cover miles of walking going from parking lots across campus and back and forth from my classroom to other classrooms, specials, the office bathroom and all around.  I try and be efficient, but it rarely worlds out that simply.
     With all of this running around and inability to eat you would think I was as skinny as a bean pole.  I guess I would be if it weren’t for one thing, stress.  To compensate for all the stress and business of the day I eat my troubles away all night.  I enjoy my supper and savor every morsel.  I don’t feel bad if I binge on chocolate or ice cream.  I can justify just about anything, because I know that tomorrow I’ll be back at school on my instant diet.

(In the comments below, let me know how you spend your so called “lunch break”)   


  1. At least you get to eat your lunch in peace :)
    We eat lunch in our classrooms so I have a room full of kids constantly interrupting me because a) they need help opening something, b) they spill something, c) they stare at me while I eat (can't stand that lol) d) they want to tell me something (even though I tell them it's my time to eat and they need to stay in their seats there's always one darling who thinks what she has to say is so important I should make an exception to the rule. Not to mention I have to monitor them to make sure they're not pouring milk into their spaghetti, using their corn dog sticks as swords or trying to gross eachother out by showing the food in their mouths.

    Hmm, that sounds really horrible does't it. Honestly, after the first month most of those problems go away as they get used to the rules, but I do agree, the first month does seem like a diet!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. Short lunch time seems to be a universal teacher issue! That's why I just take yogurt everyday...quick and easy to eat, with some nutrition! : )